The Ci Zone career portal helps employees take ownership of their development and plan their career. It also helps managers to have inspiring, engaging career conversations with their team.

The portal is a cost-effective, flexible suite of resources on a user-friendly platform that can be easily branded for your organisation. This means you can instantly professionalise your career support, and show employees you are committed to their development.

Tailored for you

The portal can easily be adapted via its content management system to your organisation’s needs so it supports your own career strategy by:

  • creating and adding new content
  • taking down content that isn’t a priority
  • blending and integrating with your other organisational resources
  • adding additional language versions
  • having one single sign-on for both the Ci Zone and your intranet and other sites

We can also create bespoke tools and resources for your site – or even a completely bespoke portal just for you.

User friendly

The Ci Zone is easy for individuals to access and enjoy.

  • Navigation based on real-life, everyday career situations
  • Accessible, relevant, well-designed content
  • Interactive, self-driven coaching tools stimulate new insights

Individuals can note actions to take or conversations to have, set reminders and save and print results, so it’s easy to stay on course with their personal career plan.

Quick and easy to deploy

Once the Software-as-a-Service contract is agreed, we’ll help you deploy the career portal within six to eight weeks.

Ongoing support

We also provide ongoing support to ensure your organisation is getting the most out of the Ci Zone, via:

  • Training of site administrators on how to manage content (we can also do it for you)
  • Launch and ongoing support including internal marketing materials and workshops
  • Client Innovation Group for user organisations to share best practice
  • Continual release of enhancements ensuring your career portal stays top of the range with new content and technology.

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